Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Color Me Confused

If the bailout package is such a "crushing emergency", why is McCain going forward with his appearance at Bill Clinton's conference tomorrow?

Oh, he also had time to meet with Lady Lynn de Forester de Rothschild de Whatever and get interviewed by Katie Couric. Some crisis!


weav said...

I just don't get it. Does he think that he's going to be able to claim he put country first and winning second? I mean seriously, its easily possible to stay in contact with congress and exert your influence without actually being there. Is it a ploy to have news cycles stop covering how much of a cowering idiot he's been the past few weeks? ... I'm just confused...

Charles M. Kozierok said...

That makes.. well.. a lot of us. I'd imagine even most of his supporters are scratching their heads right about now.

He's really painted himself into a corner with this. Is he really going to just not show up on Friday?