Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worst Self-Inflicted Campaign Move Ever?

Candidates have made a lot of unforced errors over the years. Richard Nixon promising to campaign in all 50 states when running against John Kennedy in 1960 -- and getting sick, tired, and cadaver-looking as a result. Nixon again thinking he had to get those crucial Democratic National Committee records from the Watergate building in 1972. (He obviously made it through the election, but then....) Dukakis getting into the tank in 1988.

But compared with John McCain "suspending" his campaign and trying to postpone the debates? Puh-leeze. None of the reasons below is original, but it's worth adding them up to see how risky McCain's proposal is, in giving people impressions he doesn't want to convey.
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Anyway, he had to top the choice of Princess Sarah as running mate somehow, didn't he? McCain already jumped the shark on August 29th. Maybe yesterday he jumped an orca?
I don't want to pick any sea animals larger than that -- after all, there's still five weeks to go.

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