Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate #1 - Live Blog #7 - Relationship with Russia

Obama: Have to evaluate based on recent happenings, resurgent Russia is a problem. Georgia situation unacceptable. Must have unified alliance that they cannot be a 21st century power and act like 20th century dictatorship. Affirm fledgling democracies. Countries like Georgia and Ukraine can join NATO, action plan to bring them in. Cannot return to Cold War posture with Russia. Loose nukes could fall into hands of Al Qaida. He's worked on this. Don't deal with Russia by staring into eyes and seeing soul, work from our interests. Recent behavior needs sharp response.

McCain: Obama's first response was that both sides should show restraint. Naivete on Obama's part. Oil causing KGB led country. Need to bolster friends and allies. Georgia had to do with energy. Former Soviet countries concerned about Russian actions. Russia must understand that we support inclusion of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. Russians are in violation of their ceasefire agreement. Poster of Putin in Georgia, they were waiting for opportunity. Watch Ukraine.

Obama: Agrees with McCain mostly, says he did reply forcefully about Russia. Was first to call for rebuilding Georgia's economy, called for $1 billion for Georgia. We must have foresight and anticipate some of these problems. In April he warned administration about Russian peacekeepers in Georgia. Need energy strategy to deal not just with Russia but also other rogue nations. We need to drill but we also need clean coal, nuclear. McCain voted 23 times against alternative energy.

Lehrer tries to move on.

McCain and Obama arguing about nuclear energy. McCain says he opposes nuclear storage, Obama says he doesn't.

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