Monday, September 29, 2008

Mayor "Just Curious" if Obama is the Antichrist

Sometimes I really wish the north had lost the Civil War:
Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk says he was “just curious” when he forwarded a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the biblical antichrist. “I was just curious if there was any validity to it,” Funderburk said in a telephone interview. “I was trying to get documentation if there was any scripture to back it up.”
Is it too late to change our minds and let the South secede?


anj said...

I thought the antichrist came from the North?? that might mean it is Palin.

Seriously, I e-mailed this mayor from his towns webpage, and asked for an apology to the 18 or so million who voted for Senator Obama to be the Democratic party nominee for President.

Oh, and because of the way Reconstruction was handled, I think the North ultimately did lose the Civil War. Look at where Bush came from.

Charles M. Kozierok said...

LOL. Well I was only kidding about the Civil War thing. But frankly, if they let all those southern states leave, on the whole I think the rest of the U.S. would be better off.

Toni said...

I know I shouldn't say this, but what a sack of sh!t. Mayor Danny Funderburk should resign, but of course he will not because he's a sanctimonious douchebag. I don't believe in organized religion anymore, though I used to be a batcrazy right winger and the only comfort I get from pieces of ignorant gargabe like Mayor Danny Funderburk is that the he's going to be mighty surprised once he goes to the great beyond.

I hope he likes it hot.