Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enjoyed the US Being a Global Laughingstock for the Last Eight Years? Ready for Four More?


Karzai got a laugh when he mentioned later that Palin had been on his appointment book, along with Rice and the Norwegian prime minister.

"I found her quite a capable woman. She asked the right questions on Afghanistan," Karzai told the Asia Society.

The event's moderator, Thomas Freston, then drew loud applause and laughter when he responded: "You're probably the only person in the room who's met Gov. Palin."

The Palin pick alone is enough to make McCain deserve to lose this election badly. He also deserves the destruction of reputation he has earned by choosing her. A sad legacy for a formerly decent guy.

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Gianna said...

"A sad legacy for a formerly decent guy."

I suspect the 'nice guy' persona was just another construct that got McCain what he wanted. Was he a nice guy when he dumped wife 1? What about the Keating 5 stuff?

A person doesnt completely change from 'nice guy' to 'lying sleaze-bag' within a few years. He was just very clever in fooling a lot of people while assuming a role to get himself noticed. Appearing to be a 'maverick' and going against the Washington fat cats was just something that suited his purposes at the time.

What we are seeing now is the real John McCain, and sadly he is still fooling a lot of people.