Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate #1 - Live Blog #8 - Likelihood of Another 9/11 Attack

McCain: Much less than it was the day after 9/11. Safer nation but far from safe. He and Lieberman wanted to form commission to look into 9/11. Got most of reforms written into legislation. Bipartisan effort. Need better job of human intelligence. Trained interrogators so we don't torture. Knows allies and can work more closely. Probably had largest reorganization
of government because of recommendations. Long way to go before America is safe.

Obama: Safer in some ways. Done work in border security. Need to harden chemical sites. Risk to ports. Worry is not nuclear missile but nuclear suitcase. Spending billions of dollars on missile defence, says we need it but we need more money on preventing nuclear proliferation. Need to focus on root cause of Al Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How we are perceived matters, will restore our standing in the world. Less respected now. Because of things we have done, lot of work to restore sense of America as a shining beacon.

McCain: Obama said missile defence had to be proven. Still doesn't get it that if we fail in Iraq it encourages Al Qaida. His plan would lead to defence and loss of our sacrifices we've made.

Obama: Administration and McCain have been solely focused on Iraq. Bin Laden still out there. China has $1 trillion because we spent money in Iraq. Viewed everything through this single lens. Brings up veterans affairs (not really covered in this debate?) President has to have broader strategic vision.

McCain: Involved in every security challenge in last 25 years. Doesn't believe Obama has knowledge or experience and has made wrong decisions in a number of areas. Seen stubbornness before, cling to belief that surge has not succeeded. He loves the veterans and will take care of them. He has judgment to keep nation safe and secure.

Obama: Closing statement, talking to camera. Father came from Kenya because America was place to be. Must send message to the world that we are going to do what we need to do.

McCain: Knows how to heal wounds of war, and how to deal with enemies and friends.

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weav said...

In the end, i think wash. McCain said things his people will like, Obama said things his people will like, very little in between.