Friday, September 26, 2008

Dishonest Lunatic McCain Already Has Ads Claiming He "Won" the Debate that He Wasn't Going to Attend

McCain told the American people he was suspending his campaign to help negotiate the bailout and didn't want to go to the debate tonight. Yet it turns out he already has ads prepared declaring himself the "winner" of the debate he didn't want to go to!

I've run out of adjectives to describe just how bizarre this all is. Or just how stupid one would have to be at this point to actually believe that McCain didn't plan this entire stunt purely for political purposes.

John McCain could well be the most dangerous man to ever run for president.

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Vicki Cana said...

It boggles MY mind that Senator McCain and his campaign can create their own reality and have the media disseminate it for them [at no extra charge]. They seem to do this so naturally and often that there have been times when they have me questioning my own comprehension of affairs. Naively thinking that they couldn't (ahem) lie so persistently and 'sincerely', otherwise the media would be up in arms, I end up wondering if there is more they know that I don't. Someone please educate me - HOW do they get away with this (as per polls)? It just seems so bizarre to me.