Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate #1 - Live Blog #1

My first live blog, hope I don't mess it up. :)

Men greet each other, smiles and handshakes. No hugs this time. :)

First question is where do the men stand on the bailout plan.

Obama goes first. Generalities.. talking about main street versus wall street. He's now listing off his points for the plan, such as oversight, gains for taxpayers, no CEO "golden parachutes" etc. Now pivoting to attack on deregulation and the McCain/Bush policies, etc.

I notice not as much "ahs and ums" from Obama in that intro.

McCain starting out talking about Kennedy in the hospital. McCain talking about Rs and Ds sitting down together. Need to fix crisis, etc. Lists off many similar requirements for the package as Obama. Now talking about the House Republicans and says they decided they want to be part of this process. Says it is the "end of the beginning".

I notice: Obama faced the camera, McCain faced the moderator. (Obama is facing Lehrer on his second reply though.)

Lehrer again asking if they favor the plan.

Obama says we haven't seen it yet, focusing on how we got into the mess. Focusing on need for regulation and the fact that we haven't had very much over the years.

McCain saying he also warned about the trainwreck coming. Story about Eisenhower. Now justifying his call for firing the head of the SEC because we need to hold people accountable. Says people will be held accountable in his administration.

Redirect to Obama, he says we need responsibility but not just in a crisis. Again focusing on Wall St. vs Main St.

Obama brings up the "fundamentals of the economy are strong"... Lehrer tells him to say it to McCain. :) More about Main St.

Lehrer trying to get them to speak directly to each other, but they are talking to him so far. may not be familiar with this new format.

McCain says we have problems and says he has faith in the American worker. We have to get through these times, has faith that our best days are ahead of us.

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