Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain's Advisors "Saw No Need" to Clear McCain's Schedule to Prepare for the Debate. Gee, I Wonder Why?

Here's what the AP said about the candidates' preparations for the debate before McCain's little stunt yesterday.

On Obama:

Democrat Barack Obama studied and practiced privately with aides in a Florida hotel Tuesday in the first of three days of intense preparations for his upcoming foreign policy debate with GOP rival John McCain.

And on McCain:

McCain is showing more confidence with a full schedule this week that leaves less time for preparations. His advisers said they saw no reason to clear his calendar to prepare, given the Arizona Republican's decades-long experience on foreign affairs issues and his years of debating colleagues in the Senate.

Gee, I wonder if there might have been another reason why McCain's schedule wasn't cleared. You know, aside from his "confidence". Like, say, maybe knowing all along that you're going to try to get the debate postponed?

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