Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something is Up With Biden and the Clintons

I dunno what it is, but something is going on. I can feel it in my bones. Just look at the behavior of Biden and the Clintons of late. Something is just not right.

Biden has always had a tendency to gaffe, but he knows what's at stake here and he's just making too many gaffes too frequently. Today he made a truly boneheaded comment about coal that serves no purpose. And the comment about Hillary Clinton being a better VP than he? It just doesn't make sense.

As for Senator Clinton herself, she pledged to do everything she could to help Obama win, but so far has done almost nothing. Everyone (including me) expected her to be a big asset in fighting back against Palin, but she's said nothing about her, and in fact canceled a planned appearance a few days ago when it turned out both she and Palin would be attending, which she hadn't been told in advance. She says Obama doesn't want her to talk about Palin. Why? Are they avoiding this for some reason I can't see? Saving it for later? What?

Finally, the biggest mystery of all: Bill Clinton. He gave a good speech, almost seeming genuine -- but he's been rather lackluster in his comments about Obama since then. He met with Obama two weeks ago and said he thinks Obama will "win handily", but then has gone out of his way to make nice comments about both McCain and Palin, leading again to accusations that he wants Obama to lose because of what happened with Hillary. This is dumb behavior, and Bill Clinton is no dummy.

Obviously I don't really know what the deal is here. But the behavior of these three is getting so odd that I am at the point of hoping there is some sort of big surprise move, because the alternative is that Obama has lost message discipline with three of his most important surrogates.


Nia said...

No it's not you. I think a lot people are wondering the same thing. Maybe the Clinton's have something on Joe and threaten to start talking if he didn't help them throw the race

soozzie said...

After the famous Bill-Barack lunch a couple weeks ago, Bill said he was tied up until after 9/26, when he is having some big conference for his foundation -- heads of state, that sort of thing. After that he said he would be on the road wherever he was asked to go. As for Hillary, she seems to be out and about some, perhaps not as visible nationally as some might prefer. My feeling is that she will go to specific places for specific reasons and audiences, but that Barack ought to be the one most visible and most vocal. He's holding his own quite nicely I think, even given the ridiculous attacks from McCain. It may be in another two weeks McCain will feel slightly outnumbered once the Clintons are unleashed.

I watched the 60 Minutes video today, and felt very much that McCain is losing a few marbles. A psychiatrist wrote to our local newspaper to say that he sees signs of dementia. So Palin is even more of a worry....

Strangeite said...

No, I don't think the Obama campaign has lost message discipline; but, instead we have forgotten how most Democratic campaigns operate.

The Obama campaign is by far the most disciplined Democratic campaign in modern history. Usually the Democratic party has trouble keeping everyone marching to the same drummer (unlike Republicans) and when the Clintons or Biden are out of sync, we notice it more because of how well this campaign is normally run.