Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate #1 - Live Blog #3 - What Will Candidates Have to Give Up to Pay for Financial Rescue Plan

Obama: Some things will have to be delayed. Energy independence is a priority, freed from Middle Eastern oil within 10 years. Mentioned more production at home, plus alternative energy. Health care. Need to eliminate programs that don't work.

Obama seems MUCH more confident than he was at Saddleback, and far fewer "ums" and "uhs".

McCain's response back to cutting spending. Obama is most liberal senator. Get rid of ethanol subsidies. Wants to cut back on military spending. Talking about reforming contracts. Examine every agency of government, eliminate those not doing their jobs.

Lehrer: Neither of you seems to be saying what you'd give up.

Obama: Would delay energy plan but not give it up. Seems to be following McCain's lead on cutting spending. Bringing up lobbyists.

Obama accidentally said "Tom" instead of "John". Obama says he seems liberal because of opposing Bush's policies. "Google for government".

Lehrer is trying to get them to say what they will push off, they are resisting.

McCain suggests a spending freeze except for defence, veterans affairs and entitlement programs.

Obama says this is a hatchet when we need a scalpel. Says there are some programs we need. Mentions spending $10 bill in Iraq when they have $79 surplus.

McCain mentions the same points he's said before about sending $700 billion overseas, brings up energy issue again. No "drill here drill now" though. :)

Lehrer tries again.

Obama says there is no doubt it will affect how we run the country. Mentions we might make a profit as Roosevelt did in the 30s. In the short term there's an outlay, economy is slowing down and tax revenues may go down. To make tough decisions must know what our priorities are and mentions $300 billion tax cuts and leaving out healthcare is a bad choice.

McCain says doesn't want to hand over healthcare to federal government. Families should make decisions. He cuts spending, mentions $800 billion in spending from Obama. We can adjust spending around to take care of programs. Healthy economy with not raising anyone's taxes is best recipe for success. More about how he can reduce spending.

(Lehrer keeps asking about spending and so forth, what about the deficit and dollar?)

Obama: McCain, your president you agreed with 90% of the time, who presided over all this spending.

McCain: Smiling, says he hasn't been elected Miss Congeniality and has opposed president on various issues. "Maverick of the senate".

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weav said...

ugh, As a person who has taken multiple military history courses, i can tell you difinitively, that the surge was a tactic, not a strategy. God, i hate mccain.