Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Summary Description of Palin Evar.

Peggy Drexler:
Palin quickly picked up the fallen standard of those Hillary voters who put "18 million cracks" in the glass ceiling. She didn't crack anything. John McCain helicoptered her to the roof, and they led her down the back stairs.


weav said...

I notice you link a lot to the huffington post stuff. I'm just curious if you have an opinion about what a lot of them are calling Obama's massive failure with his messaging (and ineffective attacks/defense)?

Charles M. Kozierok said...

There are a lot of different people on Huffington Post, and so they disagree a lot.

I think that Obama does need to work on his messaging more, but I disagree with those who want him to jump into the sty and go negative the way McCain is. It would totally undercut his entire message.

My guess is that starting tomorrow we are going to see a more focused message discipline. Obama really has had a weak couple of weeks.

Thanks for the comment. :)