Friday, September 12, 2008

First Question from Next Palin Interview Leaked

News that Sean Hannity of Faux News will get the next interview with Palin. His first question was inadvertently leaked and I'm proud to bring it to you:
"Great and Esteemed Governor Palin, we've all seen how that evil mulatto scumbag Barack Obama, when he isn't trying to teach preschoolers how to have sex, has been taking cheap shots at your extensive experience, even though you manage the biggest state in the Union and he's only a lowly community organizer. How do you manage to maintain your composure so incredibly well, inspiring all American women to hit new heights of achievement and patriotism, when any one of us mere mortals would probably tell the uppity conniving bastard to go straight to hell?"
I hope she doesn't have too much difficulty answering.

I hear Alan Colmes will be assigned to polish her guns while Hannity interviews her.

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