Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is the Obama Camp Just Waiting?

There are SO many things they could be telling us about McCain and Palin. I don't want them to tell people McCain is old and out of touch -- they already know, and most don't care. Why aren't they telling folks about his lousy vet voting record, for example? As for Palin, why do so few people know about her radical anti-choice views, her lies about her record, her charging rape victims for evidence kits and so forth?

I hope they are just holding this stuff back. Because if they don't start doing a better job of telling people about these two clowns at some point, they deserve the loss they will earn.


soozzie said...

It seems to me that this weekend is becoming a campaign free zone with the Ike reportage. Perhaps it is useful breather for the Obama campaign to get its mojo back. Any real PR effort right now would get drowned out by the massive Palin coverage just winding down, and the Ike coverage still in play. I used to practice law, and I often told my clients that the interim victories and losses are meaningless, results are all that count. We are a long way from counting results, and a lot can and will happen. And the best advice ever given to me before the bar exam was "don't peak too soon" -- be ready on the day you need to be ready, not 6 weeks earlier. That may have been useful advice to McCain, who many of us think is peaking right about now. (In fact, MCCain looks to me as though he is about to physically and mentally implode -- I wonder how the red guys would like to be promoting Sarah as their presidential candidate right about now?)

I'm also beginning to think there are at least two October surprises in store favoring the Dems, one of which will be the tax return issues you pointed out in yesterday's post -- if Our Lady of Perpetual Nonsense has done anything but the straight and narrow, she's toast, along with the guy who brought her. Not sure about the Republicans -- the beauty of having vetted the Dem candidates.

So, I'm trying to remember that we are in this for the long haul. Obama has surrounded himself with very smart people and I'm going to believe that they know what they are doing.

Oldnovice said...

I sure hope you're right, Soozzie.

The Truffle said...

Team Obama has begun rolling out the attack ads again. However, it's telling that the media is (finally) noting McCain's campaign of lies and sleaze. Yes, we've reached a turning point--but not the kind McCain expected.