Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's the Judgment, Stupid

Just as with the Palin pick, the point isn't so much the specifics of how McCain wanted to deal with the financial turmoil this week, but what his reaction says about his character and judgment, and how he'd handle a crisis. Eric Schmeltzer observes:
In the wake of the collapse, McCain came out with his proposal - a 9/11 type commission to study what happened and report back. It probably wasn't the best of responses, but at least it wasn't rash. Very un-McCain.

That's until it was mocked.

That's when old-school "McNasty" kicked in. About a day later, what was his answer? Fire SEC Chairman Chris Cox (even though the President can't do that). According to McCain, "If I were [sic] President today, I would fire him."

Boy, that would be a great signal to send to Wall Street. In the middle of the biggest financial crisis we've had in decades, McCain would dump the SEC Chair, leaving the seat to a caretaker until he could nominate and get confirmed a new one. Yeah, because THAT wouldn't freak the entire market the F out, by sending the signal that the Federal Government was in complete panic mode. I mean, this is the same Wall Street that goes into freefall when the Fed Chairman even whispers the word "recession."

But, McCain didn't care. Shoot first, deal with the fallout later. Just like working for a war in Iraq while the Trade Center was still smoldering from the attacks that came from Afghanistan/Pakistan.

This nation is in deep, deep trouble if this undisciplined, careless man gets into the White House. The Republicans should be ashamed for even nominating him.

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