Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama's "1982" Ad Could Have Come from a 1982 Presidential Campaign

Okay, I watched Obama's so-called "attack ad" again.

It's bad. Embarrassingly bad. So bad that if I were McCain and Schmidt and the rest of the Forty Thieves, I'd be rolling in the aisles laughing. This crap is not going to change anyone's mind about anything.

Whoever made this ad needs to be fired -- out of a cannon, if necessary.

Either stop with the negative ads or get someone who knows how to write them. They should be sharp, stinging, incisive and still accurate. They should cut to the heart of an important matter. They should be memorable.

Why didn't they continue with the "lipstick on a pig" meme? Because it got under McCain's skin? What's the problem -- it worked too well? It was too concise? People actually remembered it and could identify with it?

Where are the ads on McCain's AWFUL veterans' affairs record, while he is wrapping himself in the flag?

Where are the ads rightly scaring women about voting for a right-wing ticket that wants to outlaw abortion?

Where are the ads showing his true cluelessness? The video of him saying he doesn't understand the economy, for example?

For God's sake, Palin as mayor of Wasilla was charging RAPE victims for kits used to investigate their own rapes! Why doesn't EVERY person in America know about this?!

Are they holding this stuff back to spring it later? I sure hope so. These ads are so bad that I can only hope this is a feint to make McCain feel overconfident. Maybe it is.

It's September, and I'm not panicking by any means, but I am getting a little frustrated at Obama seeming to bring not even a knife to a gunfight, but a plastic spoon.

P.S. Yes, I know there was no presidential campaign in 1982. :P

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justin32099 said...

Have you seen Obama's other attack ad today about all the lobbyists running McCain's campaign? I thought that was good, personally...most 'undecided' voters know about McCain's pledge to get special interests out, and the message (a damning one) was delivered simply. It wasn't "vicious," but I don't know that viciousness will fly, really. And it focused the attention back on McCain.

It's not really water cooler talk, but it puts a huge hole (for those who didn't know it already) in his whole bogus 'change' message.