Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Republican Group Responsible for Negative Obama Calls

I reported last night about the calls that some Jewish voters have been receiving asking nasty loaded questions about Barack Obama. Today a group called the "Republican Jewish Coalition" is taking responsibility for the calls. Like nearly all Republicans, of course, they are quick to defend themselves with phony and dishonest outrage when called out on their behavior:
[Executive Director Matt] Brooks, however, denied that the poll was meant to influence Jewish voters, and said it was a traditional poll meant to gauge the opinions of Jewish voters.

"What we did is test, in standard polling methodology, a number of factual issues that have been reported on in the press and are policy positions to see how they're resonating in the Jewish community," said Brooks. "The notion that this is a 'push poll' is offensive to us."
Aw, poor baby. He's offended. Don't I feel so awful now for calling this scumbag's push poll a push poll? Oh, I do. I sure do. Not.

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