Friday, September 12, 2008

Scary Stuff on Friday the 13th. Oh Wait, It's Only the 12th. Well, Still Scary.

Reviewing some of the comments from viewers on the ABC story about Palin is enough to send any intelligent person into some perverse combination of nausea and hysterical laughter. Many of those who reply point out correctly that Sarah Palin seemed uninformed and unprepared -- thank goodness for that. Some tried to argue that she really seemed to know her stuff (but not many). But it is the third group that continues to amaze: those who continue to expect Americans to treat a potential president in two months as Her Royal Highness, Princess Sarah Palin, Precious and Delicate Flower Who Must Be Revered At All Times.

They're not upset at Palin for putting our country at risk by accepting a nomination for a job she knows she's not ready for -- they're upset at Gibson for asking the questions that illustrate this. Thousands of people, all whining like babies that Palin should get special treatment because she's a woman, or that Gibson wasn't deferential enough to her.

The GOP talking points work, it would seem. Americans expect us to treat our candidates as royalty now, instead of as the job applicants they are? What do these morons think is going to happen if Sarah Palin gets into the White House -- that the foreign leaders who are right now laughing at us for McCain even choosing her will treat her with kid gloves?

Here's a selection of just some of this vapid, embarrassing nonsense:

I will not longer be watching ABC News as long as Charles Gibson is affliated with the progam. I was undecided but now I am voiting for McCain.

Great JOB Palin, You make Charlie studder three times! We all love her more because ABC is soooo aganist her. Anything ABC is against I am FOR! Go McCain/Palin all the way. Shame on you ABC your hate is showing.

I was appalled at Charlie Gibson. He came across as the stern principal disciplining his pupils. He was so condescending and pompous. Where does he get off treating a sitting governor and possibly future VP/Pres of the US like this?

I had always liked Charlie Gibson until this interview. He tried to trap Palin in the questions.

So what if Palin dropped the ball on the so-called "Bush Doctrine". Who ever heard of that anyway.

The only person that proved they were not qualified was Charlie Gibson.

This wasn't the best interview, but it was her first on the day that her son was being deployed. I think it would be very difficult to be focused in a situation like that. Although she didn't do "great" we should remember that she was introduced to the WORLD only 2 weeks ago. Everything is happening soooo fast for her. Give her a break!!

I hope Gibson is happy, because he just let his producer and editing team reduce his name to the same caliber of Joseph Goebbels.

Sarah Palin who is living the American Dream of coming from humble beginnings to being the VP candidate should be applauded instead of being derided for her inexperience.

That last one is my personal favorite. LOL.

The Referendum continues. Will Americans show that they are smart enough to understand what is at risk here? Will they inform themselves and realize how serious this election is and that they have a responsibility to choose their leaders wisely? Or will they get the leaders they deserve -- and drag the rest of us down with them?

Wake up, America, before it's too late.

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Just another suburban mom. said...

I think I'm going to be sick. I thought evangelicals didn't believe in idolatry.
I'm assuming, (hoping,) the hardcore base are the ones saying Charlie was "mean."
I just can't deal with the stupidity anymore.