Monday, September 15, 2008

There's Hope for Us After All: Americans *Do* Seem to Care About Honesty and Issues

Last week, DailyKos commissioned a poll with Research 2000, a well-known polling group, to do a daily nation-wide poll. Now, while DailyKos is clearly partisan -- and got a black eye for being at the center of that stupid "Trig Palin is not Sarah's son" nonsense -- they don't do the poll. I am not in the habit of "shooting the messenger" when it comes to major polling firms -- I also reject the arguments that Rasmussen shouldn't be trusted because he's a Republican, for example.

Anyway, what I like about the DK/R2000 polls is that they also do favorability each day, and show the results. In watching these, I noticed a rather dramatic drop-off in favorability for the McCain/Palin side of the ticket, with little change for Obama and Biden:

These numbers are "net favorability" for each candidate, meaning, what percentage of those polled have a positive view of them, minus how many have a negative view. The numbers for McCain and Palin have fallen sharply -- far more sharply than the poll itself. But this may be a "leading indicator" and is certainly good to see (from someone who thinks that McCain/Palin is arguably the worst major party ticket he can ever recall seeing).

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