Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain's Bounce Now "Officially" Over

I mostly jest with my headline, since there's no way to really make something like that "official". But Obama has now pulled into a two-point lead in the influential Gallup tracking poll, the first time he has been ahead of McCain since the RNC:

Yes, it's only a two-point lead, but this is a more dramatic move than it may initially appear. The Gallup daily tracker uses a three-day rolling average, so a delta of 3 points in one day is a pretty significant shift.

Of course, it only matters if Obama can keep it going.


weav said...

Only problem is that lately obama isn't gaining any support, mccain is just losing it rapidly. However, I wouldn't assume they won't just vote for him anyways when the time comes. After all, if you've been duped by him once, its certainly possible to be duped again.

weav said...

Oh and as a collary to the post you made before about unfavorablity of mccain palin. In the research 2000 poll, palin is finally +1 unfavorable :) I guess maybe the american people actually do care if you lie to them repeatedly. but i'll believe it when Obama is sworn in.

Charles M. Kozierok said...

Thanks weav. Ironically, I was updating that chart just as you posted about it. :)