Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Natural Born Liars

Josh Marshall tells it like it is:

I'm not sure I've ever seen an instance of a president, let alone a presidential candidate, quite this nakedly doing everything in his power to shutdown an investigation. And look closely -- Palin herself has at this point entirely turned the obstruction over to the McCain campaign. They're even the ones who make the announcements.


Meanwhile, the claim that the Obama camp has 'tainted' the trooper-gate investigation is truly risible. This investigation was well underway and already looking bad for Palin and her husband well before John McCain picked her as his running mate. (We know: we were already covering it.) What I do not think that many people know is that this investigation up in Alaska has actually been authorized and is being run by Republicans. They make up a majority in the state senate.


Palin's response to this -- to the question of how Obama could have tainted the investigation which is under the control of Alaska Republicans -- is to claim that there are actually a lot of Republicans in Alaska who oppose her. And that's true. But observing that a sizable number of officeholders of your own party think you're probably a crook too does not amount to an affirmative defense. Really, it doesn't.


[A] pattern of crony hiring and politicized firings of public officials all followed up by stonewalling and obstruction of justice really would not amount to 'shaking things up' in Washington. After eight years of President Bush, that's more like steady as she goes.

The behavior of the McCain camp is shameful. The question is -- will they be allowed to get away with deliberately hiding the truth about a VP candidate from the American public during an election?

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