Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stump the Chump

Princess Sarah appeared at her first town hall yesterday with McCain. The crowd was tightly controlled to ensure that nobody would actually ask any tough questions of her, but even that wasn't enough to prevent her displaying her complete cluelessness:

Asked for "specific skills" she could cite to rebut critics who question her grasp of international affairs, she replied, "I am prepared."

"I have that confidence. I have that readiness," Palin said. "And if you want specifics with specific policies or countries, you can go ahead and ask me. You can play 'stump the candidate' if you want to. But we are ready to serve."

Uh, governor? You were already asked for specifics, and you didn't answer them. Consider yourself stumped.


Eddie said...

That's what I thought when I saw the video, she didn't name one credential. I mean, she could have at LEAST mentioned her travel to Kuwait or something, ya know? I'm surprised she didn't say anything about being able to see Russia.

56465 said...

I dont mean to come off as uninformed, but I think this is a legitimate question: We hear all this talk about the mccain campaign shying away from press conferences, etc., but does anyone have a date as to when the last time the obama campaign had one? or when is he scheduled to have one?

Cliff said...

Fair point on Obama, but Biden has had tons of them lately.

Charles M. Kozierok said...

I'm not sure about formal press conferences, but both Obama and Biden have consistently made themselves available to the media in an unscripted manner. So has McCain, of course; only Palin remains in hiding.