Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The "D" Team

When is Obama going to make a bigger issue of McCain's woeful record on supporting our military men and women?


Ariel said...

The grading system is based on how the Senators dealt with 9 different votes on pro-veteran legislation. Of those 9, McCain voted for 3 of them and didn't vote at all on the other 6 (Obama voted for 5 and missed 4 of them). Not voting is the federal equivalent to voting "present" in Illinois, yet an absent senator is scored the same was as having voted "no." Also, three of the votes were on the same piece of legislation. Had that been scored as 1 law instead of 3 votes, Obama would have voted for 3 laws and voted absent on 4, and McCain would have voted for 3 laws and voted absent on 4.

Seems like a flawed system to me, although I wouldn't be shocked to hear Obama mention it tonight.

Charles M. Kozierok said...

He has abysmal ratings from other veterans' groups as well. Obama scores better in every area.

And then there's the GI Bill that he tried to kill and then took credit for.

Ariel said...

I can only comment on what you give us, Charles. If there are veterans groups that have credible grading systems, then that would be useful information. The guy has been in Congress forever, so I'm sure there is a long paper trail showing if he really supports them or not.

Incidentally, I thought McCain had a pretty reasonable argument as to why his alternative bill was better than Webb's GI Bill.

Charles Hussein Kozierok said...

Ariel -- I registered my complaints with McCain's voting record on the military in this article.

And yes, he had some valid points. But as usual, he didn't stand by them, and then he tried to score cheap political points by distorting what he did. Sure, all politicians do that, but here it is part of a pattern of talking a good game about supporting the troops but not following through.