Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah Palin Cowardice Watch -- Six Weeks with No Free Press Access

Weeks go by and we learn little more about her; and what we do learn turns most of us off. She continues to prove more and more that she is unfit for high office:
One of the reasons Palin has had so little opportunity to make any promises - or clarify some of her past positions, for that matter - is that the 44-year-old governor's interaction with the news media has been so carefully rationed. As of Friday, she had not given a single news conference. Her exposure has been limited to stump speeches and interviews with TV journalists Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and Sean Hannity. Even in those selected settings, her freeze-up at seemingly straightforward questions - What newspapers and magazines does she read? Which Supreme Court decisions does she disagree with? - and her accentuating her state's proximity with Russia as a foreign policy credential did not suggest the depth or confidence of someone who was ready to become leader of the free world.

Her debate performance did not assuage those doubts. Time and again, her answers were incomplete or outright evasive.


Americans should not have to wait until after election day to know more about Palin's vision for a national energy policy - with follow-up questions - or myriad other matters in this period of economic crisis and overseas wars.

We know what's on the cue cards, and we know that she can deliver those points with winks and zing. Palin has said McCain never asked her to "check my opinions by the door."

It's time to let them out.

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