Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Last Resort of the Desperate -- Character Assassination

John McCain has clearly lost this election on the merits. Arguably, he never really tried very hard, because it's been abundantly obvious that he really offers nothing to entice people to vote for him, so much as an option to vote against Obama. But now he seems ready to give up even any pretense of offering himself as a positive choice. He's just going to spend the last month of the campaign trying to tear down Obama.

Just one more way that Americans are being given a clear opportunity to either accept the destructive politics of the past, or to move forward. The history of this campaign, I'm pleased to say, suggests that this will be McCain's final shark-jumping. Having the silly lightweight Sarah Palin launching attacks on Obama will, I think, backfire especially badly.

For his part, Obama is pre-emptively launching ads trying to illustrate this contrast, even showing an image of the top of the article referenced above.

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