Sunday, October 5, 2008

Troopergate Investigation Enters the Home Stretch

An Alaskan court threw out an attempt by the McCain campaign to impede the investigation, and the report is due out on Friday. Sarah Palin continues to destroy her reputation and political capital in her home state -- or rather, to allow McCain to destroy it -- and the pressure continues:

Legal issues aside, it never made sense for Palin and Colberg to put up such a fight over the investigation anyway. Palin has maintained all along that she fired Monegan for legitimate reasons. She also said from the beginning that she'd cooperate with the legislative inquiry.

With nothing to hide, what's the problem?

The McCain-Palin presidential campaign -- which has no business getting involved in the first place -- keeps holding press conferences saying the investigation is political, and that's what's wrong with it.

Of course the investigation is political. The governor is running for vice president. The Republican presidential campaign has inserted itself smack into the middle of Troopergate. And Colberg and Palin, by refusing to cooperate and telling state employees not to cooperate, have delayed meaningful results -- charging up the political atmosphere as the November election draws ever closer.


What could de-politicize the investigation?

Finishing it.

The very fact that Sarah Palin allowed John McCain to come into Alaska and essentially take over the governor's office shows what a weak, easily-manipulated leader she is, and what a danger she represents on the national scene.

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