Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Live Blog #3

Climate change question.. Palin rambling, saying it doesn't matter if man made or not. Talking about energy again. Good grief.

Biden flatly says it is man made. Attacking McCain on alternative energy.

Aside, Biden's "women" tracker is consistently higher than his "men" tracker. For Palin, often opposite. Example: Palin says "drill baby drill" with a cute smile -- the "women" tracker dives. They do NOT like her schtick.

Ew, "nucular".

Same-sex benefits now. Biden supports, says no difference between same sex and hetero in Obama admin. Says it is supported in Constitution.

Palin hedges against it, but emphasizes "tolerance". She's talking about her "diverse" family and friends. Trackers like her comments about not supporting anything but one man one woman as marriage. Biden says same thing.

Palin is reading off paper! She can't even answer a "do you agree with this" question without referring to her notes!

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