Thursday, October 2, 2008

Voters Continue to Wake Up About Palin

A third of the country still remains asleep, but that's a self-induced comatose state. Others are starting to finally notice that she's a farce. I have a feeling that her numbers will improve after tonight if she does a good job "looking cute" and bullshitting answers (the only two things she is good at, after all). But for now, this Washington Post ABC Poll has good numbers for those of us who are fans of reality:
1. Palin's net favorability is still +11, but down from +30 three weeks ago. Her "strongly unfavorable" number is a sky-high 29%.

2. Asked if Palin has the experience necessary to serve as president if that becomes necessary, 35% said yes, and a staggering 60% said no. Three weeks ago these figures were 47% and 45% respectively.

3. Impact on voting for McCain: 23% say more likely, 32% say less likely; three weeks ago these figures were 25% and 19% respectively.

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