Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Live Blog #2

Ifill asks the "what would you give up" question again.. and Biden doesn't answer it. :)

Every time Palin mentions McCain the tracking lines dip into the negative. Palin now going on about what she did in Alaska.. virtually no response from the trackers.

Palin asked what she would take off the table, she says nothing, negative reaction from trackers. She blames Obama for supporting bill helping oil companies.

Palin gets asked a question about mortgage bill.. answers it in two seconds, then rambles talking points for 90 seconds.

Biden talking about bankruptcy help. Palin responds and completely changes subject to energy! The tracker goes as negative as I've seen all night. Recovers, they like her talking points. Is she on a teleprompter?! Ramble ramble...

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