Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Live Blog #8

Now she asks how a Biden admin would differ from an Obama admin.. he basically ducks question and repeats Obama's platform.

Frankly, my main observation here is that Palin got all the attention going in and she is doing "okay" but Biden has been fantastic.

Same question to Palin. "Team of mavericks" so they won't agree, but then does same thing as Biden. Good tracker reaction on keeping government out of the way. But they don't respond well when she attacks Obama/Biden.

Biden talking about going forward, much better response from women.

Palin doing that nauseating "aw shucks Joe" thing. Makes me want to hurl!

Palin talking about education, talking points galore.

Ifill challenging each on earlier comments about serving as VP. Palin gets good audience reaction on a joke.

Ifill asks Palin if she agrees with Cheney on if the VP is part of the legislative branch and she mentions the Constitution is "flexible" on this? WTF? Now she's rambling about her experience.

Biden says Cheney is perhaps the most dangerous VP in history -- strong reaction from tracker. And very forcefully shows that he knows what the Constitution says.

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weav said...

She has no fing clue what the constitution says. In fact i would be beyond surprised, i would be beyond shocked if she had ever, once in her life read the constitution. She's clueless. I remember 3 times she said stuff where you knew she was completely clueless, pakistan, sub-prime morgates, and expansion of vp power.