Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Powell Endorsement

A couple of folks asked me what I thought of it. Well, no big surprise obviously as a lot of people were expecting it. I mentioned some time back in my "Don't Panic" piece that it would probably happen and at a time beneficial to Obama.

My only mild surprise was just how thoroughly damning Powell's comments are about McCain. Having someone that well-regarded and respected say out loud what so many have been privately thinking -- that's devastating to McCain's rapidly imploding candidacy.

Oh, and the nasty comments from right-wing pundits directed at Powell -- no surprise there of course. These people reveal their true nature on a daily basis.


Vicki Cana said...

Hi Charles,

I thought Powell expressed himself so well, and so rationally. In fact, if I were a reasonable republican, I would not have been upset by the way he itemized his disagreements with Mccain without belittling him. He managed to convince me that there ARE thinking republicans out there, just when I had thouroughly doubted their existence.

One thing I find truly ironic is the 'Powell is only supporting Senator Obama because he's black' argument. Given the fact that McCain has proposed very little in the way of policy/ ideas, WHAT are HIS endorsers endorsing but the colour of his skin?

Charles M. Kozierok said...

Hi Vicki

I actually had Rush Blowhard on for a few minutes yesterday and boy was he falling over himself defending his statements about Powell. "Methinks he doth protest too much" definitely came to mind.

Apparently people like Limbaugh really think that just because they see Obama's only defining factor as being his race, this means the same is true of everyone else.