Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Live Blog #4

Now we move on to "Eye-raq". Palin asked about withdrawal plans, goes on about surge again and now attacking Obama for voting against the troops. Tracer indicates not many buying it. Now rambling.

Biden responds that Obama's plan is consistent with Bush's, McCain is odd man out. Says McCain voted against same amendment. Good reaction from trackers on calling for timeline. Says they will end the war.

Palin stumbles responding, claims Biden is waving white flag of surrender! Bad reaction from people on this. Now spouting talking points again. "We'll go when they're ready". Etc.

Palin complimenting Biden but attacking Obama. Biden repeating again that McCain voted against funding etc. Now going on about how McCain has been wrong about the war.

Strong reaction from trackers for Biden emphasizing need to focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Says Iran is dangerous but secondary.

Palin responds, reading off paper. Says Patraeus made Iraq central focus on war on terror, not McCain. Focusing on Iran, talking points about Ahmadinejad. She keeps saying "nucular". Clueless.

Every time Palin attacks Obama the trackers drop. People just don't seem to buy much that she says.

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