Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where I've Been

I'm an amateur / semi-pro photographer with a bit of an obsession for fall foliage photography. Every autumn I take a week and travel around snapping photos wherever I find anything interesting. This particular year I had two trips planned; the first one to northern Vermont got cancelled after I stupidly drove a road too rough for my vehicle and ripped out the bottom of the engine. :) The second was to the Catskills, Poconos and Finger Lakes regions of New York and Pennsylvania. Lovely country, and while the color wasn't always the best everywhere it was a pleasant journey.

This sample is an ironic illustration of the art of photography. It was taken as I was driving from one region to the next because I was unhappy with the color. It was foggy and the sun broke through as I was driving on a busy interstate. Undaunted, I pulled over and snapped a few images in the freezing 27F temperatures, as other drivers looked at me in undoubted confusion.

It looks like I used some sort of Photoshop filter on it to make it appear like a painting, but I didn't....

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Ariel said...

Beautiful. They have good wine up there too.