Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The False Equivalence of Ayers and Keating

The media, in its never-ending quest to appear "balanced" even at the price of doing its job properly, is now mentioning McCain's invoking of Ayers in the same breath as Obama bringing up Keating.

They are not the same.

The Ayers smear is entirely guilt by association. It isn't saying that Obama did anything wrong himself, just that he associated with someone who had an unsavory past.

The Keating affair, in contrast, is not guilt by association -- it is guilt by McCain's own actions, his own often-admitted wrongdoing and poor judgment.

Furthermore, one cannot make a credible argument that Obama's past association with Ayers has any bearing on how he would conduct himself in the future, nor that it has any relevance to critical issues concerning America. The Keating business is a reflection on how McCain conducts himself, and it is entirely relevant to the current situation because deregulation was at the core of both crises.

But hey, we gotta appear "balanced" at all costs, right? Well, except for Fixed News, of course.

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