Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Live Blog #9

Ifill asks Palin what her Achilles' heel is since the convention wisdom is that it's her experience. Rather than answer, she defends her experience! And then 80 seconds of bland talking points.

Wow Biden just got very emotional, even choked up.

Palin with her phony smile and maverick BS again. Snore.

She's trying to make points because other politicians support McCain? Lieberman?! LOL. More rambling about bipartisanship.

Biden attacking the maverick thing. McCain voted against health care and education, etc. Nice specifics.

Asked if they had to change a view.

Biden mentioning views on assessing judicial appointments. Rather dense example, hard to understand.

Palin mentioning not vetoing certain budgets she didn't veto to get along, but says she hasn't had to compromise on anything -- so she never changed her mind on anything? How Bush-like!

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