Friday, October 31, 2008

Polls Tightening? Nope.

Here are the most recent reputable polls from various battleground states.


Rasmussen: Obama +4
CNN: Obama +7
InsiderAdvantage: Obama +9
Marist: Obama +6
AP-GfK: Obama +9
Rocky Mtn News: Obama +12
National Journal: Obama +4


Quinnipiac: Obama +2
Rasmussen: Obama +4
Strategic Vision: McCain +2
CNN: Obama +5
Miami Herald: Obama +7


PPP: Obama +2
Rasmussen: McCain +3
Selzer: Obama +0.6
Survey USA: Obama +4
Research 2000: Obama +1
Howey-Gauge: McCain +2
Big Ten: Obama +9.5


Rasmussen: Obama +1
SurveyUSA: Tied
Research 2000: Obama +1
CNN: McCain +2
Mason-Dixon: McCain +1


PPP: Obama +1
Rasmussen: Obama +2
Mason-Dixon: Tie
CNN: Obama +6
AP-GfK: Obama +2
National Journal: Obama +4


Rasmussen: Obama +4
Research 2000: Obama +5
CNN: Obama +7
AP-GfK: Obama +12
Suffolk: Obama +10


Quinnipiac: Obama +9
Rasmussen: Obama +4
Strategic Vision: McCain +3
SurveyUSA: Obama +4
PPP: Obama +7
U. of Cinc: Obama +3
CNN: Obama +7


Quinnipiac: Obama +12
Strategic Vision: Obama +7
SurveyUSA: Obama +12
Mason-Dixon: Obama +4
CNN: Obama +12
Rasmussen: Obama +7


Rasmussen: Obama +4
PPP: Obama +9
SurveyUSA: Obama +9
ABC/Post: Obama +8
CNN: Obama +9
VCU: Obama +11
Mason-Dixon: Obama +2
Marist: Obama +4

Doesn't look too tight to me, especially when you consider that nearly every one of these was a red state in 2004. Obama only needs to pick off one or two of these to win; McCain needs to pretty much run the table.

And just for fun, I should also point out that McCain is now up only by the low single digits in both Georgia and even his own home state of Arizona.


Vicki Cana said...

Looking good!
It feels really great to be approaching the end, because this has been a major addiction for me. NEVER before have I followed a campaign with diligence, just as I have never spent (SOOO MUCH)time on blogs. The stress waiting for the outcome is unbearable, yet, because of the great inspiration Senator Obama has evoked, I am definitely anticipating his victory.

'Yes, you can, guys!' Go, do it!

Gianna said...

Charles, are you intending to continue blogging at aabw after the election this coming Tuesday?

I hope so.