Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live from St. Louis... It's the Sarah Palin Show! :) -- VP Live Blog #1

Well, that's what we've been jokingly calling it around here. I even made popcorn. :)

Here are my comments. I'm watching on CNN which has the "uncomitted Ohio voters" live tracker which is quite interesting.

Nice intros, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden greeting each other warmly. Palin asks Biden if she can call him "Joe", very cute.

First question abut the bailout... good answers from both.

Palin is exact opposite of McCain: he never looked at the camera, she is glued to it!

Biden attacks McCain on his "fundamentals of economy strong" line. Palin responds about McCain meaning American workers (cough). Then goes on about "Maverick" nonsense again.

Question to Palin about cause of economic problems. Palin blames predatory lenders. Groan, Joe Sixpaakc and hockey moms again. She wants "strict oversight".

Biden is mostly focusing on the moderator, and attacking McCain. Pretty much ignoring Palin. Hammering on deregulation. Hits him on the deregulating health care thing.

Now Palin is responding to Biden. Claims they voted for biggest tax increases. 94 times (she says over and over). Repeats stupid lie about Obama raising taxes on those making $42,000 a year.

Biden refutes that.. attacks Palin for not answering question about deregulation. She replies openly saying she wouldn't necessarily answer the questions posed! Biden smiles. LOL

Now talking about taxes, Ifill challenges each on class warfare. Biden going about how middle class will get lower taxes.

Palin attacks on the "paying taxes is patriotic" thing. Nice coaching. :) Claims Obama's plan is "redistribution".

She's talking about McCain's health care credit plan. Her smirking, smiling style I find SO annoying.. she's so plastic.

Biden.. nice line about how people have to pay $12,000 in health care but McCain gives only $5k, calls it "ultimate bridge to nowhere"! Crowd laughs.

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