Saturday, September 6, 2008

John McCain - I Got Nothin' Left

Years ago I liked, admired, respected and honored John McCain.

When he abandoned his political independence, I stopped liking him, but I still admired, respected and honored him.

When he said that he didn't want to make a big issue out of his POW status, but then started using it as a centerpiece of every speech, I stopped admiring him, but still respected and honored him.

When he promised to run a clean contest against Obama and then immediately betrayed it with a dirty smear campaign of lies, mockery and veiled accusations of treason against his opponent, I stopped respecting him, but I still honored him.

When he and his campaign picked Sarah Palin for vice president, in full knowledge that they had not properly investigated her, in full knowledge that the pick was purely for political purposes, in full knowledge that she was not ready for the job -- on that day, he showed that he did not in fact put country first, and I stopped honoring him as well.

Now, I have nothing left but to shake my head at the complete unraveling of what used to be a great man, and hope that he will find some way to salvage his reputation and his legacy after this campaign is over.

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